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Told in three chapters Something in the dark is the tale of Private Investigator Francis Hale and detective Richard Hale Brothers who all through their lives have been there for each other. The search for a serial killer has recently driven them apart both dogging a man who seems to be a ghost and kills in gruesome horrific ways

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Today we are entering a sort of Early Access on Itch.io it will be $5.00 and will give you access to Something In The Dark Chapter One: Drown Him In Their Blood

Tell us what you want to see in Chapters 2 and 3! There is Something In The Dark Waiting for you... Will you find it? 

Our Goals with this early access are simple allow the players to test the game and enjoy chapter one, as well as pay for more Voice Acting, and To finance the Original Sound Track!

Players who participate in this early access get a special credit in the final game as well as a copy of the original sound track and Chapter 2 and 3 on 7/15/17 and 8/1/17 all for $5 but only till 7/15/17!

Chapter 1: 

Physical horror Elements 

  • Fear – Your fear varies depending on the brightness, situation or other influencing factors
  • Time – resolve puzzle & quests in a specific time 
  • Avoid Traps 
  • Hide behind/in objects (under beds, placards, lockers…) to run away & don’t get seen by the Manchester Mangler – if he sees you, you die.

Puzzle Elements 

  • Musical Puzzle
  • Objects Puzzle
  • Discover hidden notes
  • Decor Puzzle
  • Light puzzle

Searching & Learning Elements 

  • Find keys to open doors
  • Read the notes and ramblings of the serial killer to find your way to the basement & learn more about the story.


  • Quest Object Crafting
  • Use collected objects several times
  • Night vision camera
  • Lamp


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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